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Blue Parable is headquartered in downtown Loveland at the new desk chair coworking space. Founded in June of 2018 by long time friends Jason Brake and Benjamin McConnell, Blue Parable is a software and services company looking to disrupt the small business software industry with intuitive solutions to real problems.


Our first product is scheduled for public release in the fourth quarter of 2019. Hatch will help boutique retail shops keep their inventory systems accurate with as little effort as possible. In its first release, Hatch will be available only on the Shopify Ecommerce platform.

Benjamin McConnell

Co-founder, CEO

While he has over 15 years experience working in large enterprise IT departments, Ben's true passion is in helping small business owners thrive. As a certified Enterprise Architect, Ben has a passion for business architecture. He's well versed in a myriad of business analysis and modeling techniques that enable process centric design of business solutions. He loves sharing these tools with business leaders and helping them improve their existing products and services, or create new ones.


In addition to running Blue Parable, Ben continues to serve as Manager of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce for Cloz LLC, a growing, multi-location boutique retailer owned and operated by his fiancée Anna Gutierrez and her mother Penne Sperry. He also provides ecommerce and general business consulting through the Loveland Business Development Center.


When Ben isn't working, you'll find him hanging out with his son Gavin in downtown Loveland where they live, work, and play.

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